Terms of Use:

By inviting Drunk o'Bot to your Discord server, you understand that we are not responsible for anybody getting upset at Drunk o'Bot's responses. Should you feel one of Drunk o'Bot's responses infringes your rights or is classified as offensive, please contact me immediately (see contact info below).
You also accept that we reserve the right to remove Drunk o'Bot from your server at our own discretion and even without an explanation. We also reserve the right to blacklist a user and/or server from using Drunk o'Bot entirely. If you have been blacklisted, you may request information by the Developer, but are not guaranteed a response.

By inviting Drunk o'Bot to your Discord server, you accept and understand that we will collect the data mentioned below this statement as well as being aware of the methods of removing your data from our systems.

You will also automatically accept the following terms:
- You will not use Drunk o'Bot to bully or harass other users.
- You will not use Drunk o'Bot to violate Discord's Terms of Service in any way.
- You will not use third-party tools to manipulate online features such as currency farming.
- You will not use alts to fill up our database with dummy profiles, or to bypass blacklists.
- You will not bully or harass the Developer Team for being blacklisted from the service. This will only get any future appeals automatically void.
- You will not abuse any bug that would grant you an unfair advantage in online games such as currency farming.
- You will not sell your Discord Account for the sole purpose of profiting over Drunk o'Bot Currency or exclusive badges/titles.

Any accounts or profiles found to be doing any of the above actions will find their profile deleted from our system and their account blacklisted from the service.

Our Privacy Policy has changed as of Version 2.0, and Drunk o'Bot now requires the following data to be stored:
- Server ID
- Channel ID
- User ID
- User Profile
- User's Collected Badges
- User's Collected Titles
- User's Collected BoozeCoin
- User's Set Bio
- Server's top BoozeCoin
- Global User's top BoozeCoin

We store this data to bring you the optimal Drunk o'Bot Experience. This is what we store your data for:
- Server ID is needed to store custom bot prefixes whenever you want to change the default `d!` prefix. We also store Server ID's for blacklisting, whenever a server is misusing the bot. We also store Server ID's for the leaderboard commands.
- Channel ID is collected for the activity and listener set channels. As this is an opt-in/opt-out feature, you can freely store and delete this data using the `d!activity enable/disable` and `d!listener enable/disable` commands.
- User ID is needed to store blacklisted users, whenever someone misuses the bot. We also store User ID's for the profile and currency systems.

Can you delete your data from our database? Yes! Here's how:
- For the profiling system, you can use the `d!clearprofile` to completely delete your data from our database. This will erase your UserID, collected badges & titles, BoozeCoin, bio... everything.
- For the activity and listener system, you can use the `d!activity disable` and `d!listener disable` commands to delete the ChannelID's you set with the enable commands.
- If you'd like your ServerID to be deleted for using a custom prefix, you can type `d!prefix set d!` to reset it back to the default prefix, thus deleting your ServerID from our database.
- If you as a user, or your server were blacklisted from the bot, we will be unable to remove this from our database, depending on the severity of what you did to get blacklisted. We might tell you what you were blacklisted for, but are not guaranteed to know this information.
None of the information or data collected is shared in any public environment and is only viewable by the Developer, and the user from which the data is collected from if requested.

Should there be any concerns about this data, or wish for your data to be removed, please contact me on Discord at Shadowstar#7815 or join Drunk o'Bot's support server here: Team Hydra Discord and send a message in the #other-support channel.