Drunk o'Bot is a unique kind of Fun-Bot for Discord. While simulating a general purpose moderation bot, Drunk o'Bot does not actually kick or ban anybody. Instead, it just has random funny and snarky responses to every command!

The idea behind Drunk o'Bot came to me legitimately as an early morning "what if" thought. I was laid in bed; had just made a coffee and I was thinking to myself: "What if there was a Discord Bot that did NOT do what you wanted it to do?". And so I messaged a friend about my idea.

Not only has it been incredibly fun to create Drunk o'Bot, but it has also helped me overcome a lot of depression. I would spend long hours each day just working on Drunk o'Bot, and it would distract me from my woes; as well as improving my skills as a developer.
Seeing Drunk o'Bot grow as quickly as it did has been such an amazing experience for me, and the feedback I have received from the many Server Owners who invited the bot has given me the motivation to continue to work on it. Thank you very much <3

- Shadowstar#7815

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