A funbot unlike no other! I don't do what you want me to do.. ever.

Pretend to ban or kick your friends, start new conversation topics and more! Spreading smiles over Discord during these difficult times. Partnered with Team Hydra, the people behind Zira, HepBoat and more!

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Special Thanks

Shadowstar#7815 (Bot Developer)

-Thanatos-#2928 (Bot Admin, new feature tester, bot support)

Primus#1337 (Site Help)

Ellie#0080 (Helped me get into coding, and has provided a lot of moral support and tutorials)

JakeyPrime#0001 (Partnership Manager | Team Hydra)

Hamza_#5561 (Currency System and Database coder)

Sham#2412 (Database and coding help)

Virt#0001 (Documentation Writer)

RPrime#2003 (Slash Command Rewrite & Xmas Command 2022)

@alpinestartgate (Twitter) (Slot Machine Designer)